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Fresh Rose Petals

Our Fresh Rose Petals are simply natural and ever so romantic

Fresh Rose Petals

Fresh Rose Petals
  • Fresh Rose Petals
  • Fresh Rose Petals
  • Fresh Rose Petals

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  • Red

  • Pure White

  • Yellow

  • Burgundy

  • Soft Pink

  • Aqua Pink

  • Peach

  • Blue

  • Happy

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Our fresh rose petals are only available for delivery within the UK in an array of colours direct from our sister website www.interROSE.co.uk

As you can appreciate fresh rose petals are just that, fresh and will need to be delivered as close to your function date as possible. So please when ordering bear this in mind and always include the correct function date.

If you have ordered other products from us these will be delivered as normal 3-4 weeks in advance and your order for fresh rose petals will be sent seperatley within 1 or 2 days of your function date.

If you have any special delivery instructions (as you may require your fresh rose petals delivered to the venue direct) please add them to the additional comment box when ordering or it may be simpler to just get in touch.

Please note fresh rose petals are not colour fast and may stain if exposed to water. If you would like rose petals that are guaranteed not to stain, then please select from our range freeze dried rose petals.

Don't forget you can also completely customize your order the way you want to suit your occasion perfectly.

Please note we do not have every colour available in stock all of the time, so please if you require your Fresh Rose Petals at short notice please contact us first.

For more information about our Pints and Jugs Click Here.

Important Information

  • They will easily stay fresh for at least 4-5 days if placed in a fridge with the top of the box slightly open. After taking them out ensure they have warmed up to the temperature of the day otherwise there will be a film of condensation and they may feel moist.
  • Keep in mind fresh rose petals are a natural product and can stain carpets, clothes, gowns, bedding and many churches and events do not allow them.
  • They cannot be used on food as decoration.
  • Fresh petals can stain, and require a little more effort to clean up afterwards.
  • Finally, they will wilt and sag, but until they do of course they will look great for any special occasion.
  • As you can appreciate fresh rose petals are just that, fresh and they need to be picked at just the right time to ensure maximum overall enjoyment. So please order in advance to help us pick the choicest petals for you.

Depending on the size of your order and the availability of your chosen petals/colours, it's important to allow as much notice as possible. We recommend at least 5 days in advance of your function date to be safe.

However saying that please don't let this stop you from getting in touch and trying, as this is only a guideline and levels of stock vary from day to day.

For more information about the process of Freeze Drying Click Here.

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