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Freeze Dried Rose Heads

Our Freeze Dried Rose Heads are perfectly preseved to order

Freeze Dried Rose Heads

Freeze Dried Rose Heads
  • Freeze Dried Rose Heads
  • Freeze Dried Rose Heads
  • Freeze Dried Rose Heads

Select your colour:

  • Ivory

  • Red

  • Lavender

  • Yellow

  • Pink & Cream

  • Burgundy

  • Soft Pink

  • Hot Pink

  • Orange

  • Purple

Price lists:

  1. 6 Rose Heads Buy£17.99
  2. 12 Rose Heads Buy£31.99
  3. 18 Rose Heads Buy£45.99
  4. 24 Rose Heads Buy£59.99
  5. 30 Rose Heads Buy£73.99
  6. 36 Rose Heads Buy£87.99
  7. 42 Rose Heads Buy£101.99
  8. 48 Rose Heads Buy£114.99

Please Note:-

You aren’t currently able to purchase our rose heads directly from our site as they are made to order. If you’re interested in them please give us a call on 0800 808 7673.


Our premium freeze–dried rose heads are 5cm in diameter and 4cm in height. They are carefully taken through the long–winded process of being picked, prepared and freeze–dried for 8-12 days on average ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with the results.

Our rose heads are best when they're kept out of direct sunlight, and also by keeping them clear from common heating devices such as a radiator. These rose heads are designed to look great around your home and can be well preserved from a little brush of a feather duster from time to time, or even a hair dryer on its lowest setting.

For the best longevity keep rose heads in a cool, dry place like an airing cupboard or garage.

Please note we do not have every colour available in stock all of the time, so please if you require your Freeze Dried Rose Heads at short notice please contact us first.

For more information about the process of Freeze Drying Click Here.

Important Information

Depending on the size of your order and the availability of your chosen petals/colours, it's important to allow as much notice as possible. We recommend at least 5 days in advance of your function date to be safe.

However saying that please don't let this stop you from getting in touch and trying, as this is only a guideline and levels of stock vary from day to day.

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