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Freeze Dried Tips

A few handy tips to help you make the most of your Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Freeze dried rose petals

What can you do with Freeze Dried Petals?

If you're wondering what you can do with rose petals??? Wonder no more... Click Here and see a few of our suggestions.

Rehydrate your Petals

For super soft petals re-hydrate them in a steamy bathroom (not in the shower) for 30 - 60 mins. You will find that our petals become very soft and pliable. They will remain like this overnight so can be done the night before the wedding avoiding any real last minute worries.

We ask you to experiment with a few petals to see what works best for you before re-hydrating a large amount.

What are the advantages of Freeze Dried Petals?

They will not stain or wilt and can be kept dry in their boxes for your convenience, they offer all the charm and colour of fresh petals but are a lot more flexible.

Once the freeze drying is complete the heads/buds will last indefinitely, so can be kept after the event as a reminder of the day.

On a more practical level, they allow you to decorate your table in advance, and because they are dry they are easier to clean up than fresh (they will go through a vacuum cleaner).

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