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Customise your Order

Customise your Rose Petals exactly the way you want

Simple and Easy

When you're on the order form first select the type and quantity of petals you'd like. Then underneath that is a section to select which colour you'd like, select 'CUSTOMISE YOUR ORDER HERE --->' from the dropdown list and finally a text box will appear below allowing you to type a specific colour combination.

Customize your petals

You can customise the colours in any way you like, even mixing up different colours in every jug or pint you order.

For example you could type...

  1. 2 jugs burgundy and 1 jug ivory white.
  2. 25% white, 25% red and 50% lilac/lavender.
  3. 1 jug red and ivory white mix and 2 jugs soft pink.

At the end of the day we ask you to be detailed and concise in your requirements. If we are in any way unclear about your order we will of course contact you straight away.

Important Information

Please if you are having any kind of difficulty or have and questions or specific requests at all concerning our services please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to help you.

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