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Rainbow Mix Confetti Petals

Our confetti rainbow mix petals are exactly the same as our premium freeze dried Rose or Hydrangea petals except they are a lot cheaper.

Freeze Dried Rainbow Petals

Confetti Rose Petals
  • Confetti Rose Petals
  • Confetti Rose Petals
  • Confetti Rose Petals

Select your premium confetti mix:

  • Rainbow mix of rose petals

  • Rainbow mix of rose & hydrangea petals

Price list:

  1. Premium Rainbow Confetti Petals
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Our premium freeze dried Rose or Hydrangea confetti petal mixes are all premium petals and are the perfect petal for table decorating, throwing over the bride and groom or sprinkling down the aisle.

The only difference apart form the considerable price difference is the fact that we use a rainbow mix of colours from our full range.

Freeze Dried Confetti Petals will of course last for many months if stored correctly away from extreme heat and humidity and like all freeze dried petals they are biodegradable and do not stain making them perfect for throwing at a wedding.

All our confetti mixes are available in just one colour and that is a "Rainbow Mix" of all our colours. We cannot specify the colour of confetti petals at all, it depends on the confetti petals we have available

If you would like to order a much larger quantity than what we have on offer online for example to produce a walkway of rose petals then please contact us directly and as long as there is plenty of time before you need them we should be able to provide you with the petals.

If you want to know more about this delightful tradition of throwing confetti Click Here

For more information about the process of Freeze Drying Click Here

Important Information

Depending on the size of your order and the availability of your chosen petals/colours, it's important to allow as much notice as possible. We recommend at least 5 days in advance of your function date to be safe.

However saying that please don't let this stop you from getting in touch and trying, as this is only a guideline and levels of stock vary from day to day.

For more information about our Jugs Click Here

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